The 16th OASIS Photo Contest
is about to begin


Information on the ten categories

Includes all those images depicting mammals, excluding cetaceans filmed underwater which should be entered in the “Underwater” category and bats, which should be entered in the “Birds and Bats” section. Please note: a cetacean filmed from a boat is entered in this category. Any animal or plant taken underwater should be entered in the “Underwater Photography” category.
Includes all those images depicting both birds and bats in the air element. Please note: images depicting diving birds taken underwater should be entered in the “Underwater” category.
Includes those images depicting all other animals, except those belonging to the Mammals, Birds and Bats, and Underwater categories. They therefore include vertebrate reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrate mollusks, annelids and arthropods, (crustaceans, arachnids, insects, myriapods). Please note: Fishes photographed from a boat (e.g. swallowfish) or from land (e.g. jumping salmon) should be included in this category.
Includes all images taken underwater with diving equipment, whether in freshwater or saltwater environments (e.g. underwater flora, fish, cetaceans in diving, amphibians and birds in diving).
Includes all those images representing natural environments, whether intact, that is, without signs of human presence, or modified by human works or labor (crops, housing, roads, …).
Includes all images in which flowers, plants, mushrooms are the main subject, either with macro or normal techniques.
Includes all those images depicting people, tribal peoples or ethnic tribes in all parts of the world, especially those populations still living in close contact with the natural environment or still linked to typical customs, habits and traditions.
Includes all those images connected by a precise leitmotiv. The theme must be developed with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 9 images, either in sequence or taken at different times yet closely related to each other; with the aim of telling a “story” related to nature, wildlife, ethology, anthropology, environment, or photojournalism.

Includes all those images representing animals, landscape, flowers, plants, mushrooms, or natural environments. This section is aimed at depicting the extraordinary biodiversity of nature in its beauty and originality, also interpreted with an artistic inspiration.

In this section, images should deal with the relationship between humans and environment, in the different aspects that will bring forth human attitudes and actions that have an impact or footprint on the natural world (environmental complaints, human-nature relations, …)

Select the category where you want to upload the photos

ATTENTION: the size of the base of the photo must be greater than 3000 pixels and less than 5000 pixels.
The photos are sent INDIVIDUALLY. Wait for the loading of the photo before sending another.
For VERTICAL photos, you may need to rotate them 90° before uploading

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