Honorable Mention Plants 14°edition

“Photography, as we know, is not true. It is an illusion of reality with which we create our own private world. “Arnold NewmanPedro Javier Pascual. Teruel 1977.Nature and photography have been part of my life since I was very young, I learned self-taught reading everything that fell into my hands of photography, experience the analog world and processing in black and white where I could learn the whole chemical process of the development of the images.In nature I find the mystery, the calm, the magic of the ephemeral, the beauty of the form, the subtle encounter, it is my most precious muse and my place of recreation. It is a vital need to communicate what leads me to keep essences of lived moments, to reflect in a rectangle my little dreaming universes.In my photographs I do not look for a documentary image, nor capture a reality, but recreate myself in the search of a more expressive and imaginative image and although all my images have been made in nature and all the animals photographed in freedom and in their natural environment represent more photographic concepts where I prioritize my way of showing that reality and not reflect faithfully what I am seeing.I practice almost any photographic discipline where nature is the source of inspiration from the landscape, fauna, night photography …I am a member of: PORFOLIO NATURAL, AEFONA, ASAFONA, SFT
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