Photos admitted to the Finalist

Author’s code: 4001 admitted photos: U_1506 Morning Meditation, U_1505 Prey On Water Surface
Author’s code: 4003 admitted photos: V_1524 Sunflower, U_1519 Spreads Its Wings, G_1518 The Falls
Author’s code: 4004 admitted photos: S_1535, S_1531, S_1536, S_1539, S_1538, S_1534, S_1532, S_1537, S_1533
Author’s code: 4005 admitted photos: U_1543 Maternal Love, U_1544 Watching, A_1541 Prey
Author’s code: 4006 admitted photos: J_1548 Guilin Landscape, J_1549 Running To Prosperity, G_1545 Master Of The Sea, G_1546 Miao Ethnic Feast, G_1547 Singing And Drinking
Author’s code: 4007 admitted photos: G_1552 Rural Barber, G_1553 Twilight Years In The Teahouse, P_1554 Aerial Fields
Author’s code: 4010 admitted photos: U_1566 The Battle, A_1563 Carving Foxes And Fighting Wits, G_1564 Barley-Sugar
Author’s code: 4011 admitted photos: M_1577 The Paradise Of Wild Animals
Author’s code: 4012 admitted photos: A_1580 The Park In Misty Rain-Perny’s Long-Nosed Squirrel
Author’s code: 4013 admitted photos: G_1586 The Guests Arrive
Author’s code: 4014 admitted photos: A_1591 Song Of The Black Swan
Author’s code: 4015 admitted photos: U_1601 Swan
Author’s code: 4016 admitted photos: G_1606 Unique Skill Of Tea House Waiter, G_1605 Teahouse Party
Author’s code: 4017 admitted photos: G_1610 Steaming, G_1609 Puppet Life
Author’s code: 4019 admitted photos: U_1617 Out Of Water
Author’s code: 4020 admitted photos: V_1627 The Desert Poplar, P_1621 Foggy Dawn
Author’s code: 4021 admitted photos: U_1630 Dance
Author’s code: 4022 admitted photos: U_1635 The Owl In Flight
Author’s code: 4024 admitted photos: V_1655 Autumn Scenery Of Northern Xinjiang, M_1648 Ambush, P_1651 Elephant Trunk Hill
Author’s code: 4025 admitted photos: J_1657 Rescue Stranding Sperm Whales Together, A_1656 Withered Lotus, G_1658 A Thousand Boats Compete, G_1659 Hanging Persimmons Up
Author’s code: 4026 admitted photos: G_1662 Comrade-In-Arms, P_1664
Author’s code: 4029 admitted photos: V_1685 Waiting For Spring, P_1683 3Light On Meili Mountain Peak
Author’s code: 4031 admitted photos: M_1700 Wrestling, U_1702 2 Ballet On Water, A_1692 Color Palette , A_1694 Marvelous Creation , M_1698 Hunting, M_1699 Maternal Love
Author’s code: 4032 admitted photos: M_1708 Qinling Snub-Nosed Golden Monkey In Winter
Author’s code: 4033 admitted photos: M_1717 Enjoy
Author’s code: 4034 admitted photos: U_1727 Cry Piteously For Food, A_1724 Dance In The Air
Author’s code: 4035 admitted photos: M_173 Foraging, U_1734 Joyful Gathering
Author’s code: 4036 admitted photos: U_1742 Leap, _1735 Daily Life
Author’s code: 4038 admitted photos: M_1756 Peep, M_1757 Swing, G_1753 Chinese Salted Duck Drying
Author’s code: 4039 admitted photos: G_1759 She Ethnic Elderly, G_1758 Fluttering Nets
Author’s code: 4040 admitted photos: G_1767 Movement In Mountain Ridges, G_1766 Morning In Zhaosu
Author’s code: 4041 admitted photos: G_1772 Indian Women, G_1773 Melee
Author’s code: 4042 admitted photos: G_1782 Climber Of The New Era
Author’s code: 4043 admitted photos: U_1789 In The World, A_1784 Desert Poplar, A_1785 Life
Author’s code: 4045 admitted photos: A_1795 Galloping Horse
Author’s code: 4046 admitted photos: G_1802 Happy Song Weaved By Hands
Author’s code: 4047 admitted photos: G_1808 Practise Hard, M_1810 Fighting, M_1809 Dear, M_1811 Leap, G_1806 Going To Market, G_1807 Naughty Kids On The Train
Author’s code: 4048 admitted photos: J_1822 The Spotted Seal On Ice Floe, P_1824 Vast Expanse Of Green
Author’s code: 4049 admitted photos: A_182 The Love Song Of The Red-Crowned Crane, M_1831 My Prey
Author’s code: 4050 admitted photos: M_1834 Brothers Into Battle
Author’s code: 4051 admitted photos: G_1838 Jump
Author’s code: 4052 admitted photos: G_1840 A Scene Of Water Village Park
Author’s code: 4054 admitted photos: G_1851 Mongolian Lassoing, G_1852 With Skill And Ease, G_1850 Journey In The Snowstorm
Author’s code: 4055 admitted photos: G_1853 Goat-Grabbing Competition, G_1852 Desert Journey
Author’s code: 4056 admitted photos: G_185 Curious
Author’s code: 4057 admitted photos: U_1873 Starving, U_1872 Gliding Posture, G_1866 Bask Crops
Author’s code: 5557 admitted photos: U_876 Puffin And Castle
Author’s code: 5558 admitted photos: T_821 Love In The Pond, T_640 Dreamlike Atmosphere
Author’s code: 5563 admitted photos: T_618 The Last Flight, U_852 On Sunflower
Author’s code: 5569 admitted photos: T_831 In Red, T_646 Lavender Stage
Author’s code: 5570 admitted photos: T_296 Touch, T_513 Premiere, T_147 Route
Author’s code: 5572 admitted photos: G_745 The Reader, U_747 The Blue Windfloer, U_449 Awakenings
Author’s code: 5573 admitted photos: A_742 Friendly Advice, M_501 Leave Me Alone, T_804 Dangerous Take-Off, U_710 At Full Throttle, U_225 Our Place
Author’s code: 5574 admitted photos: A_387 L’attacco, T_761 Zygoptera, S_958, S_903, S_495, S_857, S_115, V_166 Mondi Contrapposti
Author’s code: 5581 admitted photos: F_335 Tracina
Author’s code: 5582 admitted photos: T_855 Circle Dance, U_279 Little Jump, V_305 Green Island
Author’s code: 5596 admitted photos: U_639 Cuckoo
Author’s code: 5608 admitted photos: A_539 The Magnificent Seven, M_210 Hutia, F_921 Two Of A Kind, T_417 Gilbert, P_157 Keys
Author’s code: 5612 admitted photos: F_379 The Cloud, F_976 Nurse Shark
Author’s code: 5614 admitted photos: G_843 Incontro A Due, G_256 The Last Maramures, G_809 Cambodia Monks, J_105 Portatori Di Zolfo 2, M_496 Tasso, S_192, S_315, S_679, S_681, s_626, s_108, s_888, s_292, s_905, u_831 bats in flight
Author’s code: 5619 admitted photos: T_767 Aurora.
Author’s code: 5620 admitted photos: A_392 Colors Of Jaizkibel., A_413 Radial., J_593 Death On The Road., T_374 The Frog\’S Rest.
Author’s code: 5621 admitted photos: M_935 Night Jumper, P_917 Ice Arm, T_964 Antler Forest, T_207 Waltz, V_157 Tiny Fingers, V_997 Fingers Of Spring
Author’s code: 5624 admitted photos: M_361 Emerging From The Fire Of Creation, M_452 Road To Nowhere
Author’s code: 5633 admitted photos: P_681 Graphical Forest, V_820 The Last Flower, V_473 The Road To Autumn, P_880 Streams Of Fagradalsfjall
Author’s code: 5642 admitted photos: G_372 Laparoscopic Oncological Surgery, P_493 Baccoleno, P_290 Last Light In Tuscany, P_421 Shadow The Circular Tree, S_154, S_899, S_590, S_169, S_519, S_595, S_577, S_956, S_248
Author’s code: 5647 admitted photos: T_721 Tartaruga Verde, S_652, S_787, S_576, S_101, S_721, S_282
Author’s code: 5650 admitted photos: A_534 Firefox, M_995 Salto Reflejado, T_650 Lucha De Titanes, T_747 Devorador, U_717 Dibujando Su Vuelo, U_341 Bajo El Universo, U_327 Noches blancas
Author’s code: 5653 admitted photos: F_154 Davide E Golia, F_616 River Crab
Author’s code: 5656 admitted photos: F_912 Like A Fossil, A_353 The Big Colony, T_159 Predator Portrait, S_855, S_304, S_953, S_504, S_611, S_248, S_174
Author’s code: 5659 admitted photos: S_766, S_733, S_402, S_513, S_449, S_728, S_744, S_966, S_135, S_301
Author’s code: 5660 admitted photos: A_915 Art In Nature, T_583 Falling Into Infinity, T_476 Flowering Time
Author’s code: 5662 admitted photos: A_865 Reflection, A_247 Le Mille Bolle Blu, T_709 Silouette, T_184 Ant, U_344 Fratini Al Tramonto, P_164 Pont, V_851 Anemonae Hepaticae
Author’s code: 5664 admitted photos: G_341 Sisters, J_677 Hamar Sunset 2, T_850 Spider, S_347, S_481, S_796, S_140, P_346 Manarola 2, P_532 Tuscan Golden Sunrise 22, P_664 Tuscan golden sunrise 15, S_106, S_579
Author’s code: 5666 admitted photos: T_818 Peeping In The Window, U_596 Right Here Waiting, U_743 Stray Birds, U_860 Lucky Birds City, V_197 Seven Dwarfs, V_964 The Red Shoes
Author’s code: 5677 admitted photos: G_226 Il Risveglio Del Villaggio, G_754 Il Ritmo Della Vita, M_918 La Carica, M_870 Il Piccolo Principe, U_511 La Paziente Attesa
Author’s code: 5679 admitted photos: A_266 The Anatomy Lesson, A_901 Helping Hand, A_225 Curiosity
Author’s code: 5680 admitted photos: T_186 Una Noche De Primavera, T_689 Aleteo, U_181 Gilgueros
Author’s code: 5682 admitted photos: M_638 Big Hurry, T_128 Dreaming Dragonflies, V_722 Glitter Princess
Author’s code: 5685 admitted photos: M_670 Night Lights, S_105, S_231, S_399, S_993, S_799, S_571, S_666, S_980, S_663
Author’s code: 5686 admitted photos: T_152 Verso Il Nettare
Author’s code: 5696 admitted photos: S_105, S_292, S_876, S_367, S_126, S_990, V_356 The Earth Is Spinning
Author’s code: 5720 admitted photos: P_267 The Old Pond From Above, U_797 Eurasian Roller With A Hoopoe Chick, U_649 Catch Of The Day
Author’s code: 5724 admitted photos: M_114 The World Is Going Upside Down 2, S_371, S_109, U_111 Parenting Goals, P_934 Austfonna Ice Cap, P_508 Polar Bear Habitat
Author’s code: 5725 admitted photos: M_318 Up, U_557 Sunset Battle
Author’s code: 5731 admitted photos: M_386 Impala Sunrise
Author’s code: 5747 admitted photos: U_295 Discussioni Tra Martin Pescatori
Author’s code: 5773 admitted photos: M_733 La Spazzina, M_238 Protective Mother
Author’s code: 5799 admitted photos: U_754 Il Gipeto E Le Sue Rocce
Author’s code: 5865 admitted photos: F_468 Daily Life, F_816 Papuan Beauty, S_456, S_673, S_309, S_197, S_869, S_571, S_398
Author’s code: 5886 admitted photos: M_542 Il Salto, P_850 Fantasmi, U_867 Sule, U_830 La Dama Blanca
Author’s code: 5902 admitted photos: J_517 Mon Cheri
Author’s code: 5932 admitted photos: G_991 Il Giovane Monaco, V_699 Betulla Curiosa, V_164 Chiome Autunnali
Author’s code: 5943 admitted photos: T_288 Assembramento, V_533 Il Crocus, P_622 Ultima Luce
Author’s code: 5975 admitted photos: S_569, S_158, S_623, S_108, S_331, S_248, S_622, S_779
Author’s code: 5988 admitted photos: F_351 Home Sweet Home, F_750 Friends
Author’s code: 6009 admitted photos: G_885 Live And Survive
Author’s code: 6028 admitted photos: G_787 Giochi, G_129 L’aratura, T_590 Caimano Con Preda, V_203 Solitario, P_488 Eruzione, V_329 Abete Nella Neve, V_956 Rametti
Author’s code: 6035 admitted photos: F_112 Cave, F_727 Curiosity
Author’s code: 6036 admitted photos: J_611 Chernobyl, 30 Years Ago, S_403, S_165, S_920, S_359, S_984, S_937, S_307, S_524, S_653
Author’s code: 6041 admitted photos: U_931 In Primo Piano
Author’s code: 6075 admitted photos: G_348 Departure For The Mountain Pasture, S_796, S_883, S_405, S_216, S_265, S_346, S_629, S_888, S_108
Author’s code: 6105 admitted photos: P_769 Iceland
Author’s code: 6120 admitted photos: M_907 Hunting In The Rain, M_331 Deadly Attack, T_669 Fight For Space, T_203 Caiman And Fish, S_614, S_933, S_795, S_461, S_280, S_680, S_297, U_854 Tawny eagles and food, V_194 Autumn
Author’s code: 6136 admitted photos: G_880 Myanmar 07
Author’s code: 6177 admitted photos: U_563 The Bay Of Whooper Swans
Author’s code: 6181 admitted photos: G_872 Omero, S_142, S_653, S_926, S_956, S_515, S_954, S_470
Author’s code: 6220 admitted photos: G_474 Traditional Festival – Kirghizistan, S_314, S_709, S_392, S_652, S_428, S_508, S_860, S_172, S_702
Author’s code: 6250 admitted photos: A_437 Vento Da Nord, G_724 Rai Men, J_204 Il Fotografo, J_872 La Passione, V_386 Sotto Al Gigante
Author’s code: 6259 admitted photos: A_912 Fioritura Sul Pian Grande, P_168 Prima Neve Sui Sibillini, V_285 Riflessi Sul Lago 1
Author’s code: 6274 admitted photos: T_907 Ditteri In Accoppiamento, T_624 Primo Piano Di Femmina Di Aracnide
Author’s code: 6294 admitted photos: G_365 Himba Family, S_744, S_312, S_351, S_779, S_589, S_498, S_537, P_491 Starry Sky Over The \Tre Cime\””, S_685, S_620
Author’s code: 6326 admitted photos: F_996 Octopus, A_587 The Vulcan
Author’s code: 6421 admitted photos: S_485, S_146, S_948, S_205, S_473, S_874, S_483, S_133, U_333 Big Birds
Author’s code: 6436 admitted photos: A_922 Graphics With Mute Swan, G_221 Shepherd Life, G_914 Resting, S_487, S_512, S_978, S_660, S_495, S_323, S_332, S_871, S_267, S_487
Author’s code: 6450 admitted photos: T_955 Wasserläufer, Gerris, T_212 Bremse
Author’s code: 6530 admitted photos: S_401, S_602, S_720, S_946, S_305, S_226, U_509 Slow Motion, U_929 In Verticale, U_110 Il Dettaglio, S_449, S_529, S_229
Author’s code: 6542 admitted photos: F_826 Supper, M_787 Loneliness, M_791 Alone, U_285 Shy Puffin, U_209 Focus, U_900 Dressed For Dawn, P_281 Dawn
Author’s code: 6593 admitted photos: F_680 Tales From The Blue, G_488 Son Of Betel Nut, G_996 Mr Mephisto, J_347 Atlante, J_334 The Jumping Sea Lion, T_953 The Olympic Frog, U_858 Cormorhunt
Author’s code: 6659 admitted photos: A_576 Stokksnes
Author’s code: 6675 admitted photos: S_774, S_327, S_535, S_331, S_719, S_225, S_378, S_544, S_550
Author’s code: 6679 admitted photos: G_914 Etnia Masai
Author’s code: 6690 admitted photos: S_683, S_488, S_517, S_307, S_884, S_722
Author’s code: 6729 admitted photos: F_848 Breaking The Formation, F_291 Among Sardines, P_553 Lava And Ash, U_439 Under The Storm, P_659 Fire Among The Clouds
Author’s code: 6744 admitted photos: A_662 Hippo\’S Portaits
Author’s code: 6759 admitted photos: F_197 Deep Cleaning, F_912 Deepwater Cusk Eel
Author’s code: 6760 admitted photos: U_881 L’imbeccata
Author’s code: 6768 admitted photos: M_149 Roe Deer, V_508 Eryngium
Author’s code: 6779 admitted photos: F_350 Nembrotha Sp.3 On Blue Ascidian
Author’s code: 6831 admitted photos: F_169 Il Cuore Del Mare, F_427 Madre E Figlio
Author’s code: 6841 admitted photos: A_231 Fantasy Forest
Author’s code: 6890 admitted photos: T_474 Incontri Nel Bosco, T_696 Where The Surf Beats, V_578 Autumn Mood
Author’s code: 6895 admitted photos: P_646 Celestial Lights
Author’s code: 6917 admitted photos: P_672 Konduki, V_819 Cowslips Evening
Author’s code: 6920 admitted photos: P_867 Northern Lights In Krysuvikurkirkja, Iceland, P_807 Northern Lights In Kirkjufell Mountain In A Starry Night, Iceland
Author’s code: 6960 admitted photos: G_530 Shiban Child, J_686 Serpari In Cocullo Iii, S_291, S_527, S_847, S_758, S_312, S_295, S_262, S_173, S_338
Author’s code: 7116 admitted photos: M_113 The Lion Monkey, U_612 White Heron And Swamp Cypresses In Autumn, P_919 Autumn Dawn In Federa
Author’s code: 7117 admitted photos: M_737 Uno Scoiattolo Curioso, U_770 Acrobazia, U_493 Assiolo, U_152 Riflessi
Author’s code: 7136 admitted photos: S_363, S_774, S_831, S_915, S_331, S_623, S_787, S_661, S_524
Author’s code: 7140 admitted photos: P_999 Namib Desert 2
Author’s code: 7182 admitted photos: F_672 L’incanto Del Profondo
Author’s code: 7231 admitted photos: G_320 Jump, M_120 Knowing Where To Drink
Author’s code: 7233 admitted photos: M_353 Leopard Jump
Author’s code: 7281 admitted photos: A_433 Autumn In Forest, M_858 Alon, M_735 The Meeting, P_470 One Cloudy Day, T_458 The Gecko, P_927 A Diamond On The Beach, V_544 Sunset
Author’s code: 7326 admitted photos: A_700 Black And White, J_953 Road Block, M_918 The Long Walk, T_186 Mirror Image
Author’s code: 7332 admitted photos: F_371 Light Fades, Life Rise, F_916 Sea Angels Face
Author’s code: 7376 admitted photos: A_271 Aerial Texture From Iceland, P_964 Londrangar Sunset
Author’s code: 7380 admitted photos: G_928 Gli Ultimi Carbonai, S_839, S_414, S_191, S_806, S_218, S_558, S_507, S_235, S_416
Author’s code: 7398 admitted photos: A_813 Wendy, M_573 The Erd, M_999 The Jump, T_981 Softness, T_667 On The River, T_920 Mega Mooth Mots Migration, V_415 Fast
Author’s code: 7437 admitted photos: F_586 Dipinto, F_437 Parlami, S_692, S_394, S_748, S_565, S_712, S_921, V_121 Sotto La Pioggia, V_713 Avvolto Nel Fumo
Author’s code: 7500 admitted photos: J_989 Shame, J_956 Beauty And The Beast, S_957, S_450, S_691, S_701, S_909, S_447, U_811 Penguins On The Shore, U_195 Tired Of Storms, P_485 Blue reflections, S_793, S_812, S_173
Author’s code: 7516 admitted photos: A_911 La Strana Coppia, S_191, S_651, S_381, S_938, S_308, S_801, S_493, S_522
Author’s code: 7520 admitted photos: A_262 The Concert, A_582 Heart Of Stone
Author’s code: 7566 admitted photos: U_634 Kigfisher, P_375 Es Niu De S\’Àguila, P_6_7 Storm
Author’s code: 7569 admitted photos: U_347 Combattimento.
Author’s code: 7590 admitted photos: F_755 Simbiosi
Author’s code: 7651 admitted photos: F_556 Sperm Whale, A_702 Cradle Of Life, A_177 Freedom, M_777 Polar Bear, U_190 Parenthood, F_909 Car Wash
Author’s code: 7705 admitted photos: G_661 Il Giallo, G_561 Volti, G_152 Futuro
Author’s code: 7760 admitted photos: M_834 The Game, U_857 Davide Vs Golia
Author’s code: 7777 admitted photos: A_672 Flip Of Pelican, J_248 Foraging, J_210 Foraging, J_185 Foraging, M_764 Shadow Majesty, M_946 Close Shave, S_779, S_679, S_501, S_482, S_945, S_717, S_666, U_325 Pinky Pie, U_826 Terns & Terns, S_962, V_888 Pink in Rain Forest
Author’s code: 7784 admitted photos: P_722 Basalt Organs, T_326 Waiting The Night, T_549 Snack, U_482 In The Reed Bed
Author’s code: 7813 admitted photos: U_243 Ebouriffe
Author’s code: 7821 admitted photos: S_583, S_558, S_203, S_167, S_477, S_249, S_744, S_488, S_707
Author’s code: 7861 admitted photos: T_312 Corni Evanescenti, T_817 Predatori Da Balcone, U_166 Subacquei Piumati, U_974 Autunno, In Nero
Author’s code: 7864 admitted photos: U_928 Esplosione Di Bellezza All’alba In Laguna Di Venezia, P_560 Fluttuanti Equilibri In Laguna Di Venezia
Author’s code: 7897 admitted photos: G_602 Bingo!!
Author’s code: 7907 admitted photos: F_419 Primavera Nello Stagno, A_455 Strutture Nel Fango, M_868 Camoscio Nell’alba, M_573 Il Mondo Degli Stambecchi, U_918 Corteggiamento Dopo la tempesta di neve, P_953 Grotta di ghiaccio
Author’s code: 7950 admitted photos: U_431 Go Away!!!!
Author’s code: 8040 admitted photos: A_828 The Chase, M_425 Arctic Fox In Snowstorm
Author’s code: 8048 admitted photos: M_667 The World Of The Badger
Author’s code: 8058 admitted photos: P_532 Specchi Nascosti In Montagna
Author’s code: 8094 admitted photos: G_513 Beach Battle
Author’s code: 8106 admitted photos: A_522 River Delta Laponian Area, Sweden
Author’s code: 8109 admitted photos: F_309 Sunset, F_212 Hunting, F_150 Hippos Life, F_413 Cloud Of Rays, A_343 Troll, F_890 Hippos World
Author’s code: 8213 admitted photos: M_215 Smorking Bull, U_376 Roaming Bats
Author’s code: 8261 admitted photos: M_934 Vanishing Jaguar, M_154 Balam, M_305 Coexist, T_806 Vine Snake, T_552 Serrated Casque Head Iguana, S_241, S_879, S_211, S_319, S_359, S_899, S_744, S_282
Author’s code: 8272 admitted photos: G_866 Priest On The Church\’S Door, G_541 Ethiopian Priest, G_524 Ethiopian Priest, T_279 Hunter
Author’s code: 8347 admitted photos: P_539 Incomparabile Fascino
Author’s code: 8371 admitted photos: S_657, S_511, S_628, S_416, S_858, S_923, S_434, S_877, S_954
Author’s code: 8387 admitted photos: U_625 Il Pasto
Author’s code: 8395 admitted photos: S_363, S_856, S_821, S_268, S_565, S_754, S_805, S_377, S_719
Author’s code: 8409 admitted photos: F_811 Octopus With Serpula, F_595 Rana Pescatrice
Author’s code: 8463 admitted photos: G_521 Close, M_617 Danger?, M_734 Follow, P_938 Snow, P_313 Waterfall
Author’s code: 8495 admitted photos: P_326 Like A Moonlight Dance
Author’s code: 8509 admitted photos: T_944 Chameleon, U_931 Chaos, V_227 Mars, V_988 At Darkness, V_510 In Blue, V_126 Sideral Landscape
Author’s code: 8548 admitted photos: A_769 Autumn Leaves, A_557 Fantasy, P_789 Inside The Kaleidoscope
Author’s code: 8558 admitted photos: F_926 American Croccodile, V_150 Sul Filo Del ……. Ragno
Author’s code: 8566 admitted photos: A_833 Il Bosco Circolare, P_261 Lago Rosso, S_126, S_206, S_150, S_167, S_320, S_315, S_947, S_819, S_371
Author’s code: 8638 admitted photos: M_265 Mock Charge
Author’s code: 8646 admitted photos: M_544 The Power Of Africa, M_424 Black-Faced Impala, M_439 Connecting, T_691 Deadly Beauty
Author’s code: 8654 admitted photos: G_725 Omaggio A Nandi
Author’s code: 8656 admitted photos: F_263 Eagle Rays, F_264 Love Or Fight?, F_914 Masbango’s Swirl
Author’s code: 8678 admitted photos: U_807 Defending Nest
Author’s code: 8722 admitted photos: V_513 Baciato Dal Sole
Author’s code: 8741 admitted photos: P_611
Author’s code: 8771 admitted photos: G_942 In Hte Mirror, G_578 Fisherman On Inle Lake, T_428 Reef Starfish, T_833 In Between
Author’s code: 8827 admitted photos: S_542, S_673, S_533, S_952, P_841 Northern Light In Norway
Author’s code: 8847 admitted photos: A_585 Mystic Forest, M_807 The Land Of The Chamois, M_985 Triumphal Leap
Author’s code: 8867 admitted photos: U_667 Comando Io
Author’s code: 8873 admitted photos: F_115 Face To Face
Author’s code: 8895 admitted photos: P_307 Relax
Author’s code: 8914 admitted photos: M_236 Waiting His Turn, T_226 Fungi Trap, T_311 The Snail And The Agave, V_496 Arms Of Life
Author’s code: 8945 admitted photos: T_187 Libelloides Lungicornis, U_239 Giochi Primaverili
Author’s code: 8955 admitted photos: M_433
Author’s code: 8979 admitted photos: A_708 Art In The Frost, J_858 Endangered Stork In Dumping Ground, M_944 Red Panda In The Habitat, P_632 Snow And Reflection, T_497 Olive Ridleys babies, U_189 Black Legged Kittiwake with Glacier
Author’s code: 9053 admitted photos: F_431 Strobosquid
Author’s code: 9074 admitted photos: F_826 Pink Salmon Decaying, A_949 Urban Kittiwakes, M_534 Red Fox With Redwing, P_516 The World In A Bog, T_981 The Short Life Of A Midge, P_988 Aurora
Author’s code: 9085 admitted photos: G_540 La Caduta, G_713 La Mossa, G_488 La Preda, P_281 Yellow Val D\’Orcia
Author’s code: 9087 admitted photos: G_531 Encierro
Author’s code: 9122 admitted photos: U_821 Stormo Di Storni, V_436 Painting
Author’s code: 9177 admitted photos: T_316 Liftoff, S_337, S_694, S_279, S_252, S_663, S_960, S_685
Author’s code: 9185 admitted photos: P_505 Natural Forest Lakes, P_130 Harvest Natural Meadow
Author’s code: 9192 admitted photos: G_422 Dani Warriors, G_593 Let\’S Hunt, J_196 Behind The Taj, S_942, S_280, S_961, S_724, S_370, S_728, S_796, S_426, S_791
Author’s code: 9246 admitted photos: J_786 Angels Of Fire
Author’s code: 9277 admitted photos: A_681 Morning Beauty, T_738 Disco Lights
Author’s code: 9281 admitted photos: A_389 Waterlilies, M_399 Harem, M_479 Hypnotic Eyes, U_155 Winged Stars
Author’s code: 9288 admitted photos: F_785 Sea Lion Mirror, F_995 Shipwreck Turtle, P_675 The World Below
Author’s code: 9294 admitted photos: F_264 The Worst Dive Buddy…, A_650 Magic Angler Portrait, J_740 Wrapped, J_446 The Octopus Nest
Author’s code: 9298 admitted photos: G_220 Velatorio Sto.Sepulcro, U_213 Bebiendo, U_733 Recien Bebido, U_849 Fantasma En El Espejo
Author’s code: 9403 admitted photos: J_418 Dove Voveremo, S_372, S_113, S_155, S_877, S_874, U_451 Capovaccaio, S_613, S_320, S_150, S_633
Author’s code: 9418 admitted photos: F_814 Eider Ducks Diving, F_457 Eider Portrait, A_563 Butterflight, J_622 Forest Cabin After Logging, M_449 Hares Boxing, M_954 Squirrel fight, P_308 Glacial river delta
Author’s code: 9436 admitted photos: S_502, S_583, S_761, S_636, S_998, S_946, S_851, S_607
Author’s code: 9438 admitted photos: P_495 From Another World
Author’s code: 9454 admitted photos: U_473 Misty Morning!
Author’s code: 9461 admitted photos: U_877 Three Cranes
Author’s code: 9476 admitted photos: F_335 Fish Frenzy 2, U_422 Between The Lines
Author’s code: 9483 admitted photos: M_235 Puma Dynasty, S_322, S_116, S_599, S_442, S_598, S_873
Author’s code: 9525 admitted photos: P_507 Palette
Author’s code: 9585 admitted photos: A_905 Erosion Art, M_304 Stoat’s Game, T_136 Spiders And Biofilm, U_572 Low Tide, U_989 Over The Glacial Flow
Author’s code: 9601 admitted photos: A_385 Dome, A_592 Spring Dome, V_649 Basajaun
Author’s code: 9620 admitted photos: J_857 Strange Landscape, P_294 Rainbow Over The Hell
Author’s code: 9634 admitted photos: G_412 Njemp Fisherman
Author’s code: 9648 admitted photos: A_824 Mirages In The Savannah, M_863 Striped Love, P_617 Deadvlei, T_614 Geometries On The River, T_225 Caught, U_593 Flights In White, S_137, S_251, S_928, S_560, S_949, S_772, S_756, S_634, V_714 In the Snow
Author’s code: 9649 admitted photos: U_524 Dancing On The Water
Author’s code: 9659 admitted photos: J_922 Adventure Together, J_804 Sophie At The Diamond-Beach
Author’s code: 9672 admitted photos: T_671 Red-Eyed Tree Frog On A Philodendron Leaf, T_134 Cloud Forest Parrot Snake Swallows A Red-Eyed Tree Frog
Author’s code: 9677 admitted photos: F_168 Hunting In The Blue
Author’s code: 9680 admitted photos: G_662 Luce Negli Occhi, J_107 Il Fascino Delle Cicogne, S_688, S_787, S_295, S_641, S_845, S_635, S_694
Author’s code: 9686 admitted photos: G_686 Ricordando Il Caravaggio, G_943 Bambino Che Dorme Sulle Canne, J_119 Discarica A Cielo Aperto, J_724 Le Risaie Dello Yunnan, U_809 PELLICANI IN LOTTA
Author’s code: 9693 admitted photos: G_683 The sacred bath Of A Brahmin
Author’s code: 9717 admitted photos: J_726 Puma, J_910 Polar Bear And Men, M_775 Beaver, S_241, S_968, S_114, S_269, S_463, U_528 Monet, V_554 Red Passion, S_400, S_142
Author’s code: 9724 admitted photos: S_171, S_961, S_296, S_369, S_818, S_308, S_262, S_319, S_463
Author’s code: 9727 admitted photos: T_588 THE FLIGHT
Author’s code: 9728 admitted photos: G_627 Ragazze di Fronte All’ Omo River, G_601 L’ Uomo E L’aquila, S_387, S_228, S_884, S_914, S_855, S_367, S_319, S_930
Author’s code: 9755 admitted photos: T_307 MONARCH Butterfly Hibernating, T_222 Monarch Butterfly
Author’s code: 9920 admitted photos: S_415, S_171, S_425, S_661, S_555, S_830, S_938, S_862, S_159
Author’s code: 9926 admitted photos: V_182 l’albero Vivente
Author’s code: 9927 admitted photos: U_750 Coppia di Aquile Reali Nel Periodo Del Corteggiamento
Author’s code: 9931 admitted photos: A_554 rotolando verso Il Fondo, U_820 Nella Luce
Author’s code: 9937 admitted photos: M_625 Sotto la neve
Author’s code: 9956 admitted photos: F_323 Other worlds, M_221 The Circus, S_431, S_565, S_238, V_165 The Monster, V_347 Perspectives, S_696, S_367, S_648, S_592
Author’s code: 9981 admitted photos: F_310 Cavalluccio Marino
Author’s code: 9983 admitted photos: A_195 Wooden feathers, A_675 Autumn Is There, T_972 Under Umbrella
Author’s code: 9991 admitted photos: G_366 Viaggio in Piroga, G_256 Foto Di Classe
Author’s code: 10007 admitted photos: S_227, S_662, S_873, S_207, S_368, S_486
Author’s code: 10008 admitted photos: P_398 MONTAGNE
Author’s code: 10019 admitted photos: A_574 Impression Of Africa, T_759 Running Away, U_679 Domination
Author’s code: 10024 admitted photos: M_687 Bianco su Bianco
Author’s code: 10073 admitted photos: G_958 Nenet\’s job, G_496 Antler Cut, T_729 Mayfly, U_640 Running For Love
Author’s code: 10075 admitted photos: S_520, S_312, S_236, S_934, S_817, S_748, S_983
Author’s code: 10077 admitted photos: J_919 Convivenze
Author’s code: 10080 admitted photos: P_596 CALDO FREDDO, P_115 Dopo La Tempesta
Author’s code: 10109 admitted photos: A_103 The heart of Autumn, A_899 The Ghost Of The River, A_451 Giraffe\’S Heart, M_794 The Leopard Rock, M_223 Glorious Hunting, P_838 Unknown worlds, T_231 Perfect friends, S_618, S_890, S_872, S_750, S_893, V_286 Twins
Author’s code: 10115 admitted photos: T_419 mosque Dwellers, T_826 Camouflage
Author’s code: 10116 admitted photos: T_279 Meeting point, V_128 Golden Tops
Author’s code: 10123 admitted photos: P_205 Dream About Milky Way, U_836 Greeting The Sun, V_153 Flowers Of Tenerife Iii, V_598 Flowers Of Tenerife Ii, S_989, S_313, S_292, S_219, S_218
Author’s code: 10137 admitted photos: V_937 Upside Down
Author’s code: 10141 admitted photos: P_535 The Beast, V_448 Mushroom Magic
Author’s code: 10159 admitted photos: U_569 Tableau D\’Automne
Author’s code: 10212 admitted photos: M_694 Lions Vs Elephant
Author’s code: 10224 admitted photos: M_467 \White Ghost\, U_246 Verso L’ignoto.
Author’s code: 10237 admitted photos: M_872 Ezo Red Fox, T_138 Cheshire Gecko, U_590 Copy And Paste, V_137 Perishable Beautiful Dish
Author’s code: 10257 admitted photos: A_555 Glacier Reflections, P_281 Batman Mountain, P_754 Ugly Puddle
Author’s code: 10296 admitted photos: A_521 Torres Del Paine, National Park., M_826 The Cry Of Pain, M_513 Saying Goodbye, P_696 The Image Of Fear., P_875 The Awakening
Author’s code: 10300 admitted photos: A_207 Tour Of Duty
Author’s code: 10318 admitted photos: M_975 Stoat Dance, U_687 Morning Mists
Author’s code: 10319 admitted photos: M_780 Facing Forces, T_316 Tidal Treasures
Author’s code: 10334 admitted photos: S_817, S_385, S_481, S_867, S_862, S_585, S_485, S_605, S_119
Author’s code: 10338 admitted photos: M_854 Un Dono Di Dio, P_372 La Nuvola
Author’s code: 10344 admitted photos: F_972 Dragon Swirl, M_846 The Encounter, S_385, S_778, S_262, S_799, S_785, S_124, S_283
Author’s code: 10369 admitted photos: G_215 Il Tintore, G_858 L’osservatore
Author’s code: 10408 admitted photos: F_773 Gimme Shelter, F_312 Munkiana Ballet, F_754 Blue Footed Dive, S_494, S_255, S_187, S_514, S_115, S_107, S_126, S_293, S_365
Author’s code: 10434 admitted photos: M_163 Sotto Il Ghiacciaio Fellaria, P_277 La Meraviglia Dei Laghi Palasina, P_119 Io Sto Bene!
Author’s code: 10446 admitted photos: G_813 The Mursi Lady, J_343 Boundary, J_808 Algae On River Bed, S_598, S_813, S_187, S_435, S_245, S_272, S_828, S_331, S_767, P_435 Colours OF SULFUR LAKE
Author’s code: 10462 admitted photos: M_451 The Flying Marten
Author’s code: 10630 admitted photos: G_526 Muro Del Pianto, G_260 Lavoratori In India, S_875, S_491, S_632, S_658, S_311, S_153, S_486, S_813
Author’s code: 10631 admitted photos: F_242 Spotted Porcelain Crab, F_816 Marbled Moray
Author’s code: 10638 admitted photos: T_589 Marsh Frog
Author’s code: 10654 admitted photos: G_717 Holy Man At Pashupatinth Temple
Author’s code: 10655 admitted photos: V_669 Il Risveglio Della Natura.
Author’s code: 10667 admitted photos: M_386 Un Puntino Nella Foresta, U_298 Duello In Volo
Author’s code: 10674 admitted photos: J_371 Sul Filo Della Morte, S_191, S_745, S_841, S_867, S_958, S_884, S_621, S_113, S_404
Author’s code: 10677 admitted photos: S_720, S_339, S_337, S_794, S_975
Author’s code: 10688 admitted photos: S_139, S_874, S_949, S_982, S_174, S_299, S_803, S_108
Author’s code: 10746 admitted photos: S_626, S_335, S_640, S_965, S_781, S_789, S_592, S_300, S_298
Author’s code: 10772 admitted photos: V_211 Prime Fioriture
Author’s code: 10773 admitted photos: F_301 My Kingdom
Author’s code: 10778 admitted photos: G_524 Vietnam 1, J_778 Vita Da Mascherina 2
Author’s code: 10780 admitted photos: A_963 Cracks
Author’s code: 10781 admitted photos: F_723 Juvenile Damselfish Providing Hygeine Care To A Rock Beauty
Author’s code: 10811 admitted photos: M_157 Eye To Eye
Author’s code: 10820 admitted photos: M_956 Lince Con Preda
Author’s code: 10829 admitted photos: F_710 Trittico
Author’s code: 10843 admitted photos: F_687 Sunset, F_230 Blue Danger
Author’s code: 10863 admitted photos: T_514 Snail Lovers
Author’s code: 10878 admitted photos: J_772 Friends Forever, T_894 Prey, S_279, S_249, S_769, S_269, S_863, S_518, S_459, S_304, S_259, U_897 In Dreams
Author’s code: 10897 admitted photos: A_582 Natural Mosaic, V_425 The Fallen Idol
Author’s code: 10912 admitted photos: A_858 Leadwood Lady, M_942 White Leopard
Author’s code: 10926 admitted photos: F_364 Shark Trio, F_360 Triple Turtle Burst
Author’s code: 10928 admitted photos: F_155 Trio Hyppo
Author’s code: 10938 admitted photos: S_487, S_830, S_686, S_548, S_137, S_364, S_866, S_739, S_486
Author’s code: 11095 admitted photos: U_443 Power Of Life, P_784 Magic Mirror, P_548 Next Moment In Greenland…
Author’s code: 11132 admitted photos: J_762 The Plastic Gift
Author’s code: 11143 admitted photos: M_589 Fighting In The Night, M_839 Fighting, T_584 Falena 2, S_250, S_560, S_602, S_635, S_887, S_261, S_623, _991
Author’s code: 11145 admitted photos: G_609 Working Women, T_876 Have You Ever Seen The Rain, T_860 The Woods Are Dark, T_377 The Aura
Author’s code: 11150 admitted photos: F_314 Twister Toads, F_130 Between Two Worlds, A_306 El Nido, M_986 Ghost, M_418 Rainy Night, S_866, V_721 Winter, S_895, S_351, S_410, S_827, S_325, S_863
Author’s code: 11160 admitted photos: S_410, S_447, S_412, S_142, S_544, S_718, S_908, S_683, S_428
Author’s code: 11161 admitted photos: M_825 The Apex Predator, T_889 Highbright, U_102 Beauties From The Winter
Author’s code: 11174 admitted photos: M_174 Alaskan Mood, U_190 Aggression, U_327 Combat 1
Author’s code: 11184 admitted photos: M_145 Shoveler And Fox At Night, U_839 Spotted Flycatcher Feeding Its Chick, U_488 Pair Of Western Yellow Wagtails, U_876 Male Western Yellow Wagtail, U_647 Gadwall at night
Author’s code: 11186 admitted photos: J_199 The Arches And The Cave, J_718 Blue Ice Cave, J_658 Formentor Lights, P_980 The Storm
Author’s code: 11187 admitted photos: J_309 Attraversando, M_912 Volpe Artica Sotto La Neve, T_943 La Coppia, S_614, S_790, S_746, S_483, S_389, P_458 Tramonto Ghiacciato, S_607
Author’s code: 11195 admitted photos: S_127, S_290, S_593, S_872, S_186, S_159, S_583, S_924
Author’s code: 11198 admitted photos: M_370 Leopard Look, M_728 African Nightcap
Author’s code: 11202 admitted photos: F_997 The Mask, F_699 The Martian
Author’s code: 11203 admitted photos: M_970 Dall Sheep, S_534, S_378, S_660, S_996, S_917, S_642, S_865, S_300, S_809
Author’s code: 11204 admitted photos: A_741 Pegasus # 2
Author’s code: 11207 admitted photos: F_781 Dolphin Family, F_705 Medusa Luminosa, F_940 Dugongo, A_658 Circular Octopus, S_651, S_973, S_435, S_939, S_922, P_623 Border Line
Author’s code: 11208 admitted photos: U_354 Duellanti
Author’s code: 11213 admitted photos: A_624 Amen, M_538 Not Now, S_124, U_867 Flycatcher, S_519, S_960, S_889, S_325
Author’s code: 11217 admitted photos: G_414 The Young Dreamer, P_100 Vineart
Author’s code: 11221 admitted photos: P_280
Author’s code: 11227 admitted photos: M_240 Sciacallo
Author’s code: 11232 admitted photos: F_873 Big Grouper Portrait, F_557 Orange Anthiasfish Portrait
Author’s code: 11258 admitted photos: F_511 To The Deep
Author’s code: 11262 admitted photos: A_814 In The Embrace Of A Green Lady, P_609 The Beach Drama, P_284 Born Of Fire
Author’s code: 11265 admitted photos: M_913 Relax
Author’s code: 11267 admitted photos: M_916 Dusty Crossing, S_115, S_981, S_191, S_200, S_423, S_933, S_658, S_601, S_460
Author’s code: 11270 admitted photos: J_723 Airborne, J_302 False Dawn
Author’s code: 11280 admitted photos: U_449 Airone Vs Anquilla
Author’s code: 11282 admitted photos: P_805 L’aquila Di Christomannos
Author’s code: 11285 admitted photos: S_299, S_529, S_754, S_521, S_306, S_771
Author’s code: 11286 admitted photos: F_617 Pigmy Seahorse, F_924 Blue Cave Crab, J_371 Glass House, S_378, P_323 Flooded Cave Chamber, S_693, S_895, S_648, S_785
Author’s code: 11292 admitted photos: M_622 Curtain Call
Author’s code: 11295 admitted photos: F_581 La Modestia
Author’s code: 11301 admitted photos: A_201 , T_188 , T_716
Author’s code: 11302 admitted photos: U_880 Puffins, P_864 Isola Di Stromboli
Author’s code: 11310 admitted photos: M_589 Blooming Dreams, M_247 Cerberus Bear, M_885 Motherhood
Author’s code: 11313 admitted photos: G_774 The Silence Of The Order, J_716 Urban Jungle, P_928 Paint Perfumes
Author’s code: 11318 admitted photos: U_241 Hummingbird Closeup
Author’s code: 11327 admitted photos: A_395 Great Escape From The White Tailed Eagle
Author’s code: 11330 admitted photos: T_612 Vortici Colorati, T_824 Flying Ant, T_998 Night Creature
Author’s code: 11333 admitted photos: A_262 Intersezione Urbana, A_795 Triplo Salto
Author’s code: 11337 admitted photos: P_180 Sea Salad, U_821 Follow Me
Author’s code: 11339 admitted photos: M_244 The Final Fight, T_758 Muddy Danger, T_367 Eat Or Be Eaten, T_381 Danger In The Mud, S_206, S_622, U_590 Dusty Landing, U_413 Above, S_472, S_354, S_510, S_970, S_255, S_161, S_838
Author’s code: 11341 admitted photos: M_172 Born Free, U_588 Colombia..Express Landing
Author’s code: 11344 admitted photos: G_770 Nomad Shepherds
Author’s code: 11358 admitted photos: M_849 Young Tree Climber, V_895 Fiery Larches
Author’s code: 11360 admitted photos: A_269 Minimale
Author’s code: 11362 admitted photos: M_131, Predatori Nella Nebbia
Author’s code: 11363 admitted photos: U_133 Non Solo Canti Melodiosi
Author’s code: 11391 admitted photos: A_529 Insect Trails, T_346 Iron Bacteria, T_970 Mudskipping, U_572 On The Attack – Great Crested Grebe, V_875 What Lies Beneath
Author’s code: 11392 admitted photos: A_269 Flamingos Over Turquoise, Helicopter View, A_704 Green & Pink Swirl, Helicopter View, G_464 Vietnamese Basket Weaver, M_866 Giraffe reflections, U_103 Flamingo flock in flight, U_390 Flamingo strut
Author’s code: 11396 admitted photos: F_865 Mobula Danse, F_541 Back From The Brink Of Extinction, F_315 Dancing Humpbacks, M_365 The Strongest Beast, T_356 On The Lookout
Author’s code: 11404 admitted photos: S_888, S_662, S_993, S_828, S_316, S_122
Author’s code: 11407 admitted photos: G_664 Tassista In Calcutta, G_861 Lavoro In Risaia, T_436 Melanochoriphus
Author’s code: 11408 admitted photos: M_798 L’ultima Luce, P_355 Sunset In Lonyearbyen
Author’s code: 11409 admitted photos: F_737 Prisoner Of Azkaban, F_154 Family Circle, G_176 One World
Author’s code: 11412 admitted photos: P_243 Iceberg
Author’s code: 11415 admitted photos: M_129 A Loud Voice, U_463 Birds, U_780 Butterflies
Author’s code: 11417 admitted photos: M_993 The Home Of The Mouse, M_666 Forest Prayer, P_382 Curves And Lines, T_209 The Journey Of A Moth, T_276 The Life Of Winter Moths, T_800 Floating shiluette, U_936 Overflight, U_147 Frozen, V_565 Crocus wave, V_216 Vulcano Eruption
Author’s code: 11422 admitted photos: G_146 Un Artista Theyyam Adornato Con Il Tradizionale Costume Ancestrale Prima Di Una Performance Nella Foresta Di Kannur, Kerala, India, G_252 Kumbh Mela, i sadhu Naga si bagnano in una notte di luna piena nel Tempio di Trimbakeshwar, Primo Accesso Al Sacro Fiume Godavari,Nashik, India
Author’s code: 11441 admitted photos: V_253 A Windy Day, V_743 Stone Formation And Small Tree With Autumn Colours, P_210 Island On Frozen Water, V_231 Stil Hanging
Author’s code: 11450 admitted photos: G_789 Si Cuoce Il Pane Per Il Festival Di Chaomus
Author’s code: 11460 admitted photos: U_430 The Light
Author’s code: 11463 admitted photos: M_502 Teddy Bear, P_160 Window To Infinity, P_341 Swirling Green
Author’s code: 11468 admitted photos: M_836 Eyes And Tongue, M_850 Love Fight, S_447, S_415, S_340, S_192, S_797, S_688, S_748, S_131, S_317
Author’s code: 11473 admitted photos: G_916 Praying In Lalibela, G_865 Mongolian Eagle Hunter, J_857 Mongolian Eagle Hunter, U_517 Pinguin In Antarctica, P_754 Fata Morgana?
Author’s code: 11479 admitted photos: U_801 Synchronized Chaos, U_844 Phantom Owl
Author’s code: 11484 admitted photos: G_171 Infanzia Felice
Author’s code: 11495 admitted photos: A_569 Yin And Yang, P_480 Last Ray Of Light, S_480, S_786, S_295, S_838, S_229, S_502, S_145, S_785, V_452 Illusion, V_658 Winter Vibes
Author’s code: 11498 admitted photos: M_504 The Night Of The Lynx
Author’s code: 11516 admitted photos: T_834 Basilisk\’S Escape, P_156 The Highlands
Author’s code: 11532 admitted photos: G_924 Going Back Home, M_892 Tramonto Nel Masai Mara
Author’s code: 11550 admitted photos: G_917 Boat Of Hope, T_622 Ancient Face
Author’s code: 11564 admitted photos: G_562 Dried Anchovies, J_468 Mutual Assistance Between Man And Nature, P_187 Ocean Lotus Leaf
Author’s code: 11575 admitted photos: J_648 Pollution
Author’s code: 11579 admitted photos: M_496 The Conflict, U_117 Swan\’S Labyrinth, U_633 Ying And Yang
Author’s code: 11585 admitted photos: S_146, S_403, S_712, S_513, U_744 Atto Di Forza, V_384 Betulle, V_972 Larici Come Betulle, S_394, S_605, S_891, S_458, S_829
Author’s code: 11589 admitted photos: J_339 Death
Author’s code: 11598 admitted photos: V_729 Ilice Di Carrinu, V_136 Misty Fanal
Author’s code: 11601 admitted photos: T_306 Framed By Light, T_404 Between Sparks Of Water
Author’s code: 11607 admitted photos: A_304 Fly To The Sky, A_187 Spiral And Flamingos, G_458 Tribe Karo, J_232 Cheetah Run Away From The Cars, M_169 Cheetah Hunting, M_475 Lion Hunting, P_941 Fly over the Leaf
Author’s code: 11613 admitted photos: F_470 Another Alien, T_633 Vedova Nera Mediterranea, T_699 Il Gioiello Della Val Sessera, U_243 Cimitero Sconsacrato, U_147 Il Traghettatore di anime, U_714 Cuculo e Orchidee
Author’s code: 11616 admitted photos: M_856 A Whale And Her Newborn Calf
Author’s code: 11619 admitted photos: M_614 My Copyright, M_987 I\’M So Tired, S_483, S_244, S_902, S_317, S_737, S_347, S_301, S_405
Author’s code: 11620 admitted photos: G_630 Young Eagle Hunter, P_726 Dancing Clouds
Author’s code: 11627 admitted photos: G_142 The Beauty Of The Skull, G_831 The Youth Of Old Havana, J_550 Connection, J_144 Exciting Moment, S_991, S_691, S_957, S_269, S_616, S_887, S_580, S_433, S_407
Author’s code: 11634 admitted photos: M_625 Lionceaux Sous Haute Protection, M_400 La Silhouette Du Roi
Author’s code: 11635 admitted photos: V_605 I Piedi Dei Giganti, P_815 Aurora Boreale Alla Laguna Degli Iceberg
Author’s code: 11638 admitted photos: A_963 Lava Falls, P_482 Canyon Sunset, P_676 Electric Night
Author’s code: 11640 admitted photos: M_701 King Of The Glacier, M_898 Humpback Family
Author’s code: 11642 admitted photos: P_258 Moonbow In Godafoss
Author’s code: 11646 admitted photos: G_500 Fornaio
Author’s code: 11648 admitted photos: M_995 Rinoceronti Al Lago Di Notte
Author’s code: 11649 admitted photos: U_716 Love In Progress 1
Author’s code: 11653 admitted photos: S_729, S_613, S_510, S_493, S_863, S_807, S_421, S_457, S_268
Author’s code: 11658 admitted photos: T_227 Fly Close Up, V_519 Anemone
Author’s code: 11660 admitted photos: M_773 Lion Grins, U_560 Young Peregrinefalcon Chick On The Wing, U_435 Father\’S Tenderness
Author’s code: 11667 admitted photos: A_962 Innamorati, J_598 Futura
Author’s code: 11675 admitted photos: G_474 Chukudu, G_558 La Fornace, J_116 Impatto Umano, J_290 Acqua Fossile, M_945 Sciacallo Vs Avvoltoio, P_301 Brent, U_255 Falco Pescatore con cefalo
Author’s code: 11682 admitted photos: U_259 Great Grey Hunter
Author’s code: 11683 admitted photos: A_773 Games In The Water, J_648 Trattore E Guardabuoi, U_483 Prey In Sigth, S_151, S_538, S_587, S_863, S_980, S_442, S_695, S_738
Author’s code: 11685 admitted photos: G_356 Downstream, J_806 Icecave, J_099 Icelakeboat, P_950 Reynisfjara1, U_432 European Sea Eagle
Author’s code: 11686 admitted photos: A_551 Portrait Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus, A_604 The Light And Snail, T_426 Best Friend
Author’s code: 11687 admitted photos: J_200 Tra I Giganti Della Terra
Author’s code: 11697 admitted photos: A_483 Zebra
Author’s code: 11698 admitted photos: G_347 Holy Water, G_660 Red Girl With Turban, S_574, S_960, S_888, S_959, S_315, S_809, S_741, S_842
Author’s code: 11701 admitted photos: U_271 The Best Defense Is Attack
Author’s code: 11705 admitted photos: A_890 Dragonfly, T_876 Premier Seat, S_162, S_818, U_589 Circle Of Preening, S_441, S_101, S_845, S_547, V_372 Liverworth
Author’s code: 11715 admitted photos: A_993 Golden Fleece, G_798 Muddy Childhood, S_745, S_549, S_771, S_310, S_906, P_727 View From Bulgaria, S_471, S_823, S_544, S_856, S_692
Author’s code: 11720 admitted photos: M_450 Livin\’ On The Edge
Author’s code: 11721 admitted photos: F_975 This Giant Fern Is Found In Fiordland National Park In New Zealand, It Is A Jurassic Plant That Can Measure Over 3 Meters In Width And height., V_773 Pandora
Author’s code: 11727 admitted photos: G_645 The Boy Asleep On The Sidewalk, G_520 Sacred Immersion
Author’s code: 11734 admitted photos: T_481 Le Due Damigelle
Author’s code: 11742 admitted photos: F_837 Swirling Batfish
Author’s code: 11747 admitted photos: U_976 Caccia Grossa – La Ghiandaia Contro La Libellula
Author’s code: 11748 admitted photos: A_429 Life Goes On, M_528 Family Affair, S_674, S_446, S_324, S_796, S_687, V_666 Nature Strikes Back
Author’s code: 11750 admitted photos: G_756 Ride Out, G_118 Empty Seas
Author’s code: 11761 admitted photos: A_682 Cicatrice (Scar), M_258 Scontri Vertiginosi (Dizzying Clashes), M_131 Volo Rocambolesco (Daring Flight)
Author’s code: 11763 admitted photos: V_648 The Black Tree
Author’s code: 11779 admitted photos: F_180 The Guard Of The Waterfall, T_178 Spiders Kindergarden, V_983 Electrified, V_751 Blowing Bubbles
Author’s code: 11780 admitted photos: M_288 Tale Of The Fox And The Redshank, V_793 Pilis Impression
Author’s code: 11785 admitted photos: U_505 A River Kingfisher Feeds A Young One Young Kingfishers Are Fed For Some Time After Leaving The Burrow
Author’s code: 11790 admitted photos: V_439 Mystic Funghi
Author’s code: 11796 admitted photos: U_207 Unreal Atmosphere
Author’s code: 11797 admitted photos: M_462 Snowy Stalking, U_743 Essential
Author’s code: 11798 admitted photos: G_865 Scuola Coranica
Author’s code: 11801 admitted photos: F_877 Hanging Around In Pairs
Author’s code: 11804 admitted photos: A_804 The Jungle Book, A_703 Flamingo Hunt – The Mask, M_109 Jurassic Park, M_882 Gelada Monkeys Under The Rain, U_149 Attack, U_399 Great Blue Heron, V_827 Twisted beeches
Author’s code: 11815 admitted photos: U_781 Lo Sguardo Della Moretta
Author’s code: 11823 admitted photos: M_283 Plains, T_344 Bending, V_660 White
Author’s code: 11824 admitted photos: P_454 The Beach
Author’s code: 11830 admitted photos: F_213 Barracuda, F_379 Mola Mola, F_664 Salmon Run
Author’s code: 11833 admitted photos: G_961 The Last Guardians, G_451 The Hamer Girl
Author’s code: 11836 admitted photos: A_501 Beautiful Wings, T_883 Flying, T_627 Perying, T_579 Carrying, V_938 Fluff
Author’s code: 11843 admitted photos: M_470 the deer of the ferns, m_441 grumpy cat, p_604 insolidarity that generates beauty, t_221 cobbler with its snack, u_333 courtship among buttercups, v_555 autumn in the swamp, v_447 i will survive, v_716 the ghost of the bald cypress avenue
Author’s code: 11846 admitted photos: F_709 Dance Of Giants, A_918 Roar Of The Ocean
Author’s code: 11848 admitted photos: J_967 Spirit Bear Posing, M_751 Giaguaro Contro Caimano N10, M_537 Elefanti Dal Basso N1, T_686 Oxybelis Koheleri, U_206 Brown-Hodded Parrot, U_567 Pipistrello del nettare n1, P_930 Giraffe all’alba
Author’s code: 11849 admitted photos: P_872 Foliage And First Snow
Author’s code: 11853 admitted photos: U_326 Goshawk And Prey, U_298 Big Owl And Full Moon
Author’s code: 11854 admitted photos: M_605 Close, M_559 Those Last Seconds
Author’s code: 11864 admitted photos: P_802 Alba
Author’s code: 11869 admitted photos: M_536 Midnight, T_105 Upside Down
Author’s code: 11872 admitted photos: G_557 Cossoine, M_994 Ghepardo A Caccia
Author’s code: 11882 admitted photos: T_172 Face To Face
Author’s code: 11883 admitted photos: F_326 Phantoms Adrift, F_420 Dancing On A Moonless Night
Author’s code: 11884 admitted photos: M_109 Un Spectre Presque Humain, M_429 Le Danseur De L’île Rouge
Author’s code: 11892 admitted photos: P_497 Duality
Author’s code: 11900 admitted photos: G_216 Vite Parallele
Author’s code: 11906 admitted photos: F_591 Incontro Con Gli Squali Balena, J_122 La Strana Offerta, J_656 Incontro Con Gli Squali Balena, P_499 Spiaggia Di Mosteiros
Author’s code: 11919 admitted photos: M_124 My Home, T_254 Through The Green
Author’s code: 11925 admitted photos: M_418 Son Of Snow Mountain
Author’s code: 11926 admitted photos: M_604 Feel Wronged
Author’s code: 11927 admitted photos: G_221 Message, G_205 Chinese Traditional Wedding, J_223 Golden Village, V_279 Flowered Carpet
Author’s code: 11936 admitted photos: T_205 The Trip
Author’s code: 11939 admitted photos: A_664 Deer At Dawn
Author’s code: 11944 admitted photos: A_442 Making An Entrance, S_599, A_770 Climbing To The Top
Author’s code: 11947 admitted photos: J_675 The Hardworker
Author’s code: 11949 admitted photos: G_459 Hunter With Eagle
Author’s code: 11955 admitted photos: M_171 Hare Lying Down
Author’s code: 11957 admitted photos: T_154 Mosaico Viviente, U_731 Las Coloradas, U_814 Smooth Landing
Author’s code: 11962 admitted photos: U_591 Breakfast In Harchies, V_590 Autumn
Author’s code: 11963 admitted photos: A_494 Pink Flock, A_995 The Dance
Author’s code: 11976 admitted photos: F_690 Father And Sons
Author’s code: 11978 admitted photos: J_749 Voodoo Magic, J_837 Biting Into The Marine Equilibrium, V_125 The Universe In A Leaf
Author’s code: 11979 admitted photos: A_104 Arctic Terns, M_246 Lovers, M_752 Zebra In The Dead Forest, U_726 White Heron
Author’s code: 11987 admitted photos: U_974 The Battle
Author’s code: 11989 admitted photos: F_811 In Attesa
Author’s code: 11994 admitted photos: U_726 Thirsty
Author’s code: 11996 admitted photos: M_265 Sete Dopo La Grande Abbuffata, U_292 Preso!, P_318 Linee D\’Ombra, P_287 Spitzkoppe Reflection
Author’s code: 11999 admitted photos: U_238 Martin Pescatore
Author’s code: 12003 admitted photos: M_677 Lion Fight
Author’s code: 12004 admitted photos: M_587 Walrus Beach, M_127 The Eye, U_638 The Hazel Grouse Cathedral
Author’s code: 12008 admitted photos: P_401 Natura Effimera, V_398 Tavolozza
Author’s code: 12011 admitted photos: V_897 Pepita
Author’s code: 12015 admitted photos: U_528 That Dive Is A 10!
Author’s code: 12018 admitted photos: P_632 Dragon
Author’s code: 12022 admitted photos: P_726 Aurora And Clouds
Author’s code: 12026 admitted photos: M_386 L’acrobata, T_127 Sacrificio D\’Amore, T_979 Sotto La Pioggia
Author’s code: 12042 admitted photos: A_583 Wind And Sand, J_729 Sharing The River, M_659 ¡ Arghh !, U_142 Undecided, P_416 The Cloud
Author’s code: 12043 admitted photos: A_159 , G_799 Worship, U_859 Migratory Ducks, P_352 Nature Of The Desert
Author’s code: 12044 admitted photos: A_698 Night Lights, J_438 Beaver Reintroduction, U_701 Hot Air, P_439 Mayfly Swarming
Author’s code: 12050 admitted photos: M_471 Rhino Couple, U_556 Purple Heron With Frog
Author’s code: 12060 admitted photos: U_445 Ménage A Trois
Author’s code: 12066 admitted photos: F_477 Magical Universe, U_149 Finding Parallels, U_359 Feathers That Fly
Author’s code: 12067 admitted photos: P_909 World In My Eyes
Author’s code: 12092 admitted photos: G_919 Fishermen Of Sri Lanka, G_999 Fishermen, U_298 Swans
Author’s code: 12096 admitted photos: G_566 Patagonia Indomita
Author’s code: 12098 admitted photos: P_879 Light Explosion
Author’s code: 12102 admitted photos: G_749 Children Happy Jump, G_181 Bajau Kid Rowing Boat, G_613 Children Happy Play, J_653 Farmer Boy, J_694 Scavenging, J_953 Drought Ladies
Author’s code: 12106 admitted photos: U_272 Jökulsárlón, P_313 Jökulsárlón
Author’s code: 12110 admitted photos: G_138 Un Tuffo Nell’oceano Indiano, M_249 La Grande Migrazione, S_721, S_580, S_823, S_944, S_147, P_501 Kerlingarfjoll, S_762, S_152, S_329
Author’s code: 12111 admitted photos: G_450 Hamer Village, G_223 Hope Of Tomorrow, M_911 Seals At Cape Cross, P_947 Architecture Of Our Ancestor, S_378, S_303, S_422, S_648, S_718, S_443, S_337, S_717, S_495
Author’s code: 12113 admitted photos: P_278 West
Author’s code: 12114 admitted photos: A_336 Riscaldamento
Author’s code: 12116 admitted photos: P_413 Perfect Cold
Author’s code: 12124 admitted photos: P_10363 The Island Of The Heart
Author’s code: 12125 admitted photos: V_10388 Betulle, V_10386 Verso Il Cielo
Author’s code: 12126 admitted photos: S_10394, S_10395, S_10397, S_10396, M_10401 , F_10402 , S_10398, S_10400, S_10399
Author’s code: 12132 admitted photos: F_787 We Are Family, S_984, S_759, S_835, S_218, S_701, S_655, S_798, S_518, S_427
Author’s code: 12134 admitted photos: A_483 Patagonia Dreamin\’, A_603 Ghost Forest, J_709 Breakfast Time 1, M_653 Privacy, Please!, M_721 Night Drink, T_706 Take A Walk On The wild side, P_307 Lost in snow waves

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