Author name: Uge Fuertes

I take a photograph from the feeling, trying to convey what I have felt when doing it; If this happens, the image works. The search for new moments, places and sensations is what moves me as a photographer. I see nature as I am, as I am in each moment and that is what I want to transmit with my images.I try to work the photos that I am pointing, as they occur to me, in a list of photographic ideas, although I believe that improvisation at the moment and adapting to each situation is the most important thing.The experimentation and the search of new methods and ways of looking is a constant in my photographic work, as well as the restlessness and the not sticking to the established norms; When I take pictures, I try to navigate through the uncertain and surprising seas of creativity.The photographs shown on this website have been taken in the field with animals and plants released. No retouching software has been used by areas, nor have elements of the original camera image been removed or added; in raw format, general adjustments of brightness, contrast, saturation and focus have been applied.Member of ASFOBA, SFT, ASAFONA and AEFONA and Portfolio Natural.

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