Menzione D’Onore Open Animali 13°edizione

Born in 1993 and passionate by amphibians since his childhood, Quentin spent countless hours with these strange animals. Photography became quickly obvious, it allowed him to share with people, observed species and behavior.In September 2012 he left the south of France to continue his studies in French Guiana and to discover tropical environments. It’s in this luxuriant rainforest that fulfilled both: his passion for wildlife photography and herpetological research.Continuing studies in the field of evolutionary biology (Montpellier – France) Quentin is intended to work in research and especially about tropical Reptiles and Amphibians. It’s in this context that he has been involved in a few research programs around these themes.Whether we like frogs or not, here, we have the possibility to see the extraordinary nature that surrounds us.Nathalie Aguila.
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