Nome dell'autore: Csaba Daroczi

I was born in 1969 in Debrecen.I currently live in Soltvadkert and I work.I photographed the "college" in Szeged during my years (1992), which is getting worse year after year. I basically mastered the basics of photography, although my more experienced friends helped me a lot.With great difficulty, I have only got the equipment - not perfect today - which is still under development as technology evolves. Although one of my basic principles is that the technique is not omnipotent, my favorite saying is "Scouring the tool of every bad worker."For me, photography is a means of self-realization, I try to make every click so that it always gives the viewer something more than the usual sight. In the beginning, nature photography filled all of my activities, but now I have been wandering into other areas of imaging, and even making diaporas is one of my favorite activities.Photography has almost transformed my entire life, becoming a lifestyle. I've been looking at the world with other eyes since I've been looking for my eyes. A fallen letter, a human smile, is different to me than before, because when I see something beautiful, I still expose one in my imagination.I am grateful to my family, my wife Enikő, my daughter Dorcin, and my son Donate for their support and endurance.

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