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1) Privacy statement - Under D.l.g.s. 196/2003 I hereby consent the use and disclosure of my personal data in your possession. At any time I can ask to modify or cancel this information by writing to the controller of the data base, AITN's director Eugenio Ecclesiastico. For more information see the entire chapter on the processing of personal data in the contest's guidelines posted on the website:
I accept the privacy law of the point 1
2) USE OF IMAGES: all my pictures and all the image rights are my property, nevertheless I hereby give permission to organizers to use them, but not exclusively, for the following reasons: publishing of the official catalogue of the contest, photographic exhibition, publishing online, realization of an audiovisual presentation about the contest, publishing in OASIS magazine and, relating winning pictures, release of the news to the press and online. Each use of the images shall be referred to the contest anyway and every time the author shall be credited. Other uses are not allowed.

To register, the competitor shall accept all the rules about the use of the images participanting to the contest.
I accept the law about right of images
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